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Our services include:

Temporary Staffing, Temp-To-Hire Placement, Permanent Professional Placement, and Vendor-Neutral Payroll Management.  

  • Minimize costly turnover by "trying out" employees first. Reduce your risk of hiring someone who doesn't quite fit your needs. PTSA offers a four-hour guarantee for all temporary staff. For whatever reason, if our temporary employee is not right for you, we can locate a replacement quickly. And if you do find the perfect long-term fit, hiring that person after 640 work hours won't cost you a dime. That's a benefit you won't find with other temporary services. We do this because our goal is to be your partner in finding the perfect employees for your business, even if that means more turnover for us.
  • Avoid expensive human resource costs of hiring new staff. PTSA takes care of all the details for you. We handle the time-consuming and costly aspects of human resources like processing payroll, handling employee-related taxes (L&I, federal withholding, Social Security, and unemployment expenses), performing background checks, if necessary, and completing W2 and other tedious employment paperwork.
  • Relax and be confident you're working with the best. PTSA is a leader in providing experienced, quality temporary employees and value-added staffing services to public and private organizations in Thurston County and the Puget Sound area. We are always recruiting and ensuring our temporary employees have top-notch skills. You'll be working with the best employees when you hire with PTSA.

Customer service is our priority, and we routinely exceed our customers' expectations. We provide timely, efficient and cost-effective temporary services to all of our clients regardless of frequency of personnel placement or size of contract. Through performance evaluations and service contract reviews, PTSA customers continue to cite "excellent service" and "quality, professional employees" as areas where the company excels.

Today, PTSA is the top volume provider of temporary employees locally and maintains detailed employment information and qualifications on more than 800 potential temporary employees from the greater Olympia area. It would be our pleasure to provide you with the right person for the right job! Call on us to help.

PTSA can help your business...

  • See the best applicants on the current market.
  • Reduce costly turnover, by allowing you to try out employees first without hiring commitments.
  • Eliminate high advertising costs.
  • Save valuable time, we pre-screen for you, reducing the number of unqualified and over qualified applicants for you to review.
  • Maintain your public image by avoiding employment rejections. We keep your search process confidential.
  • Take advantage of our expertise. We place people in temporary employment daily and can help you through the process.
  • Fill positions immediately with our qualified temporary employees who are ready to step into your position today.
  • Get your needs handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce payroll hassles and reduce your unemployment ratings by using our payroll services.
  • Use our private room to conduct interviews to eliminate workplace disruption.
  • Find the most qualified employees through our comprehensive screening services.

Reduce Internal Costs

When Professional Temp Staffing Agency payrolls an employee for your business, our billing rate includes:

  • Employee's hourly rate of pay.
  • All payroll taxes.
  • Workers compensation, claims management, & accident prevention program.
  • Comprehensive screening and hiring services to meet your ongoing staffing needs.
  • Risk management guidance.
  • Relief of State of Washington Labor & Industries liability.

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